From Distillate to Barrel - 50mL Tasting Kit

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The most popular guest experience at The Bardstown Bourbon Company is our premier tour, From Distillate to Barrel, the best one hour you’ll spend on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. It’s here where you examine and evaluate how our products are created then age, develop, and finish in the most technically advanced distillery in the country.

Starting with the clear distillate, pulled straight from our stills before ever touching a barrel, and moving up in maturation, each tasting reveals how charred white oak barrels, exposed to the elements in our rickhouses, begin to impart the characteristics on the nose, palate, and finish that make America’s native spirit so distinct. The journey finishes with our two flagship products – Fusion, the celebration of blending newer bourbon with older expressions to create something unique, and Discovery, the art of blending hand-selected, supremely aged bourbon.